Sandoval County Vaccination UPDATE

Written by Amanda Castillo

Feb 5, 2021

February 5, 2021

The biggest thing the public is calling me or emailing me about is the misunderstanding of numbers being provided to the public. For example:
As of Wednesday, the numbers provided on the NMDOH Vaccine Dashboard, I will start with neighboring Counties as we have gotten a lot of calls and emails from residents accusing me of not doing my job while other jurisdictions appear to be doing better than we are.
  • Bernalillo County (1st) has received 131,005 doses and has administered 113,740
  • Santa Fe County (3rd) has received 22,700 doses and has administered 36,607
  • More administered than received as they are going to other jurisdictions to get vaccinated. (More info on this in later in email)
  • Sandoval County (5th) has received 8,770 doses and has administered 8, 448
We are 5th in the state for how many doses we have administered, but if we go by how many are administered per 100 residents then yes, Sandoval is 29th in state with 6 per 100, Bernalillo County is 7th in state with 17 per 100, and Santa Fe County is 5th in state with 24 per 100.
The reason it appears so few doses given is none of the Counties in New Mexico are “ordering” doses, we are only getting what is allocated to us. Based off the allocation distribution from NM DOH each county is predetermined to receive a percentage of what the state receives. That percentage that we receive is based off of the population of the said county. For example, if the State gets 10,000 in a week then:
  • Bernalillo County is slated to receive 32% which would be 3,200 doses
  • Santa Fe County is slated to get 7% which is 700 doses
  • Sandoval County is slated to get 6% which is 600 doses
We are all doing POD sites, multiple days, but as one can see in the above scenario, Bernalillo can do 3,200 in a week while Sandoval can only do 600. Our numbers will not be as high as theirs and it all depends on what the state receives from the feds to allocate to us.
Some of the questions we have posed to NM DOH personnel are as follows and I have included their response (in BLUEto our questions:
  • How is the percentage derived for those within Sandoval County?
The percentage in the Daily COVID-19 Vaccine Report (and on the dashboard), is taken from the doses reporting in NMSIIS for Sandoval County divided by the # of population from Sandoval County according to the New Mexico Indicator Based Information System
  • If someone goes to Bernalillo or Santa Fe County to get their shot does it show up for Sandoval or for their County?
It will show up for the county that that person’s patient record is associated to. So, if I am from Bernalillo County but I get my vaccine in McKinley, it will show up in Bernalillo as that is where my “home address” is located. That’s the best way for DOH to track coverage rates rather than administration rates for providers.
*This is why Santa Fe County is showing they have administered 14,000 more doses than they have actually received.
  • Is there any way to know how many doses have been administered by CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc.?
Working to find this data for you.
  • How many doses is Sandoval earmarked to receive in future weeks?
Doses received is allocated by what we at the State receive.
  • Constituents are very upset that the DOH website shows we are 29th out of 33 counties in giving doses, but all the efforts we have been doing would make it seem we are higher than this. How is this percentage arrived at and what does that percentage reflect?
If the data that the constituents are seeing is based on the Daily COVID-19 Vaccine Report (or dashboard), that data is derived from NMSIIS doses reported. In line with that, some Tribal providers report to NMSIIS but not all. We estimate only about 40% of Tribal and IHS (Indian Health Services) vaccination data ends up in NMSIIS.
Information that we got from DOH on Thursday during our daily call with the state was:
Initially there was a very hard push to Bernalillo, Dona Ana, and Santa Fe Counties to hit as many people as we possibly could as quickly as we could to get the vaccine going, also Bernalillo and Dona Ana have been having the highest new case numbers. This is also another reason their numbers are higher than those surrounding them as they were hit hard and fast first. We are doing everything we can, but can only administer what we are given and we are completely at the mercy of NMDOH, which in turn is completely at the mercy of the Federal Government to receive doses to be allocated. Hoping to get about 50,000 a week for next few weeks, but DOH will not know how many actually getting, until we actually get them? These still need to be for second doses to bring everyone up and then 4-6 weeks before we start getting enough to ramp up first doses again. IHS, VA, Prison System, CVS, Walgreens, etc. – all the Federal partners are getting separate from the State and we have no information on the numbers as to what they are receiving. The doses DOH will be receiving is for New Mexico and the local jurisdictions. Also, the Federal or independent/private entities are vaccinating however they see best, not necessarily along the guidelines of DOH. But those Pharmacies that do receive doses from DOH, not Walgreens or CVS, are being asked to follow the DOH guidelines.
For more information, I have reached out to IHS and am awaiting reply for Sandoval County numbers and the vast majority of the SEVEN Pueblos within Sandoval County are keeping any and all member information confidential and that is their right to do so. Within Sandoval County the Pueblos are a total of about 9,500 people which is almost 7% of our population.
This week we received 260 doses for our EOC site to be given over the three days that we conduct vaccine operations. We are projected to receive enough vaccine to administer 500 doses next week at our EOC site.
I would like to reiterate that Sandoval County, the Office of Emergency Management, myself, and the Sandoval Public Health Office DO NOT have the ability to help with state registration system. It is all at the State level. We cannot add people, some have one member of household get notified and not another, we cannot add them. Or a person gets selected and wants to bring their parents, we cannot add them. The DOH system picks people and notifies them to get vaccinated, we have nothing to do with that portion of it. We strongly suggest you DO NOT cancel your appointment for any reason as they will just delay you getting the vaccine.
It is literally a lottery and the system will pull names from the available Phases [Phase 1A and Phase 1B (the top two tiers only)] As of Monday we have 1,519 in system for Phase 1A and for Phase 1B we have 5,623 registered that are 75 and above and 21,493 that are 16-74 with a chronic health condition that still need their vaccine.
The NM DOH EMS Bureau is asking communities about doing a homebound operation and we have personnel ready to assist throughout the County, but we are waiting for the final go ahead and how they foresee the vaccine operations to take place. The ball is still very much in their court for this to happen.
I would also like to emphasize we are doing what we can do with the resources the State provides and then they can only do what they are doing with the resources that the Feds are giving them. This entire event is new for everyone involved and all of us are doing what we can and we want to make sure that everyone within the County and its municipalities knows that Sandoval County prioritizes ensuring the safety and health of its citizens and we are working hard to provide these services to everyone.
Seth A. Muller, NMCEM, COM-T | K5SAM
Sandoval County Emergency Manager
President – NM Association of Emergency Management Professionals
PO BOX 40, Bernalillo, NM 87004 – Mailing 
1500 Idalia Rd, Bldg C, Bernalillo, NM 87004 – Physical

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